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Welcome to Natalie’s Dog Grooming Centre, specialists in dog grooming and supplies.  At Natalie’s Dog Grooming Plymouth we are proud to have a bespoke salon with the lastest technology grooming equipment. We have air conditioning for the hot summer months to keep your dogs cool and heated floors for the winter to keep them feeling cosy and warm!

We also offer Emmi Pet Dental Care for Dogs. Did you know that four out of five dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar. An effective remedy is the emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush! Find out more about this service!

We adore dogs and cant wait to welcome your precious pet to our grooming centre in Wembury, Plymouth. With over 25 years of experience across Plymstock to Plymouth, we have built a large base of extremely satisfied customers who continue to return and use our services.

Natalie’s Dog Grooming has customers that travel many miles to see them due to their outstanding grooming and professional friendly service. Why not read some of our lovely testimonials then give us a call to book your dog in for a groom and pamper. 

We did it again! We are proud to have won the best in business award FIVE years running!

best business 2022
best business 2022
best business 2022

Natalie’s Dog Grooming Plymouth

Here at Natalie’s Dog Grooming we offer a range of high-quality dog grooming services in Wembury near Plymouth, and our team are specially trained to be able to cater for all breeds. Specialising in nervous dogs, we can guarantee to provide you with an excellent dog grooming service.

Our spacious pet shop stocks a wide range of supplies for your dog and cat at competitive prices, from leads and toys and beds to branded foods such as Arden Grange..

Natalie and Kara are both highly qualified and experienced in dog grooming, they also have certificates in Dog First Aid, why not read more about them both on our about us page then get in touch with us by calling the number above or using our handy contact form on our contact page.

What Are You Waiting For?

Book your precious dog in for a pamper and groom with Natalies Dog Grooming Plymouth

natalies dog grooming plymouth
natalies dog grooming
natalies dog grooming

Natalie is a qualified professional dog trainer and excels in working with nervous dogs.

Natalie uses reward-based, concept training which grows optimism and confidence in dogs that she grooms, so they have an enjoyable experience in the salon.

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Ruff and Tumble The Ultimate Drying Coat

Unlike other brands Ruff and Tumble uses a signature double layer of natural cotton towelling. The inside layer wicks moisture from the dog's coat and the body heat pushes the moisture through to the outer layer of towelling. This unique double thickness towelling prevents the dog from sitting in a cold damp coat helping to prevent arthritis.

The coats are made with a high density cotton loop towelling which prevents any snagging and offers maximum surface area for drawing moisture from your dog's coat.

Best Dog of the Week Winners

Arden Grange

We are stockists of Arden Grange. Arden Grange has produced award-winning, super-premium dog and cat food since 1996.

Arden Grange is a British pet food brand that has been a pioneer in pet nutrition for over 25 years. Built on a core philosophy of ‘nutrition without compromise’ all their dog diets are based on no-nonsense, naturally hypoallergenic formulations.

Arden Grange foods are gently digested and highly palatable with no added artificial flavours or sugar. Arden Grange recipes contain exceptional ingredients, carefully sourced and included for their nutritional value. Arden Grange combines these with powerful natural supplements to promote optimum health and well-being. It’s Arden Grange’s mission to fill every dog and cat bowl with goodness, in the UK and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Grooming Plymouth
What Dog Grooming Services do you offer?
At Natalie's Dog Grooming we pride ourselves on our exceptional dog grooming services, from the moment your dog arrives with us, we instantly allow them to settle, providing them with an individual cage unless you have more than one dog then you can choose if you would like them to be housed together or apart.
Our services include:
Day boarding which is free when your dog comes in for a full groom, Emmi Pet Dental Treatment, A Health Check, Ear cleaning and plucking, A full brush, to remove loose hair and comb through, Nail trimming, Hand stripping, Minor matt removal, a shampoo in a suitable shampoo for your dog, Fluff drying and smooth drying, Clipping and trimming to the owner’s requirements, Finishing sprays for that fresh beautiful smelling dog, After grooming your dog will have clean bedding and fresh water until collection.
We also have a spacious pet shop which stocks a wide range of supplies for your dog and cat at competitive prices, from leads and toys and beds to branded foods such as Arden Grange.
How long does a groom take?
A full groom will take anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on the nervousness of the dog and how they respond to grooming.
My dog is very nervous, will I still be able to bring them?
Our team specialise in nervous dogs, so you can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands and will be comfortable and cared for.   
I have a puppy, when should I bring them for their first groom?
We advise you to start your puppy grooming with a bath and trim a minimum of ten days after their final vaccinations. Your puppy can come in for an enjoyable puppy session to get used to the sights and smells of the salon and settle in from an early age.
Will I have a choice of styles?
We can offer a range of styles for you to choose from. The styles available for your pet will depend on the breed, condition of the coat and the temperament. We also offer free consultations.
Is there anything I should bring with me?
Just bring your dogs in on a collar and lead, there is no need to bring anything else.
Do I need to walk my dog prior to a grooming appointment?
Yes please, you definitely need to walk the dog prior to a groom as it makes them calmer.
I am worried my dog will overheat or be cold!
At Natalie's Dog Grooming we have air conditioning in the summer months and heated floors and an additional heating unit in the winter months to keep your dogs comfortable and happy.
How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment or make enquiries by popping in during opening hours or by telephoning us on  01752 863 198, we have an answering machine to take your call out of hours or when we are busy grooming. Please leave a message if no-one answers during working times and we will call you back as soon as we can.

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