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At Natalies Dog Grooming we pride ourselves on our exceptional dog grooming services, from the moment your dog arrives with us, we instantly allow them to settle, providing them with an individual cage unless you have more than one dog then you may choose whether you would like them to be housed together or apart. They will have a fleece vets bed and fresh clean water to drink.

A full groom will take anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on the nervousness of the dog and how they respond to grooming. Our team specialise in nervous dogs, so you can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands and will be comfortable and cared for. 

Dog Grooming Services Wembury Plymouth

A Full List of our Dog Grooming Services

Day boarding which is free when your dog comes in for a full groom.

Emmi Pet Dental Treatment

A Health Check


Ear cleaning and plucking.


A full brush, to remove loose hair and comb through.


Nail trimming.


Hand stripping.


Minor matt removal.


A shampoo in a suitable shampoo for your dog.


Fluff drying and smooth drying.


Clipping and trimming to the owner’s requirements.


Minor matt removal.


Finishing sprays for that fresh beautiful smelling dog.


After grooming your dog will have clean bedding and fresh water until collection.


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Our De-matting policy

We know it’s not always possible to keep on top of grooming, sometimes due to work and family commitments grooming can be neglected and the dog will become tangled and sometimes severely matted.

We have a duty of care to protect your dog from any pain and suffering and if we believe that de-matting will cause stress to your dog we will not proceed with the grooming, instead we will offer an alternative trim/shave to avoid discomfort to your dog. A written consent will be taken from yourself before we shave the coat down. We will then aim to work with you to set up regular appointments to avoid the dog from matting again.

At Natalie’s

  • Always make sure that you exercise your dog before your appointment, to ensure that your dog is relaxed and comfortable
  • Please arrive in good time for your appointment
  • Please bring your dog in on a lead
  • Do not leave your puppy too late for his first groom, we recommend soon after 14 weeks for a puppy pamper
  • Please do not neglect to tell us if your dog has been ill
  • Make sure your dog is up to date with flea treatments and vaccinations
  • The complete de-matting of a dog is cruel and inhumane, a groomer cannot undo in a few hours weeks of brushing neglect
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